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Exotic Fruits Similar To Lychee

If you enjoy lychee and are looking for exotic fruits with similar flavour profiles or textures, here are some options to consider:

  1. Rambutan: Rambutan is closely related to lychee and has a similar sweet and juicy flavour. The flesh is translucent and surrounds a central seed. The outer skin is hairy and red or yellow when ripe.

  2. Longan: Often referred to as "dragon eye," longan has a sweet and floral flavour similar to lychee. The flesh is juicy and translucent, and the fruit has a single large seed.

  3. Salak (Snake Fruit): Salak has a crunchy texture and a sweet and tangy flavour. The reddish-brown scaly skin gives it the name "snake fruit."

  4. Mangosteen: While mangosteen has a different texture than lychee, its sweet and tangy flavour is comparable. It has a thick purple rind and juicy, segmented white flesh.

  5. Sapodilla: Sapodilla has a sweet and grainy texture with a flavour reminiscent of pear, brown sugar, and caramel. While not identical to lychee, it offers a unique tropical experience.

These fruits may not be as widely available as lychee, depending on your location, but you might find them in speciality grocery stores or international markets that offer a variety of exotic fruits.

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