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Atemoya - Custard Apple

Atemoya - Custard Apple

The Atemoya is a tropical fruit that is a hybrid of the sugar-apple and the cherimoya. It is believed to have originated in the Caribbean and Central America, but it is now widely grown in tropical regions around the world.

The seasonality of Atemoya varies depending on the location, but it is typically available from late spring to early autumn. To know when the fruit is ripe, you can look for a fruit that is slightly soft to the touch and has a slightly wrinkled skin. To store, it should be kept at room temperature until it is fully ripe, then can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

The Atemoya is a tropical fruit prized for its sweet and creamy flesh and unique flavour. It offers versatility in several ways, including fresh eating as a snack or in fruit salads, cooking as a sweet and creamy ingredient in dishes such as sauces, smoothies, and ice creams, and in beverages blended into juices, smoothies, and cocktails to provide a refreshing and hydrating flavour. Its distinct flavour makes it a favourite among tropical fruit enthusiasts.

Atemoya is a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, dietary fibre, and minerals like potassium and magnesium. It also contains antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Eating Atemoya may also help with digestion, boost the immune system, and improve heart health. Additionally, Atemoya is known for its unique and delicious taste, making it a favourite among tropical fruit lovers.