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#Frequently asked questions

How do I care for/store the fruit?
Fruits require different care depending on the type of fruit. Please see our individual fruit pages for information on how to care for each fruit.
How long will it take for our fruits to come?
Typically, fruits will arrive in 3 - 6 working days. Sometimes sooner. You’ll receive updates from the couriers we use when your order has been dispatched. Please see our shipping policy
Do you ship overseas?
At this moment in time, we only ship to the Mainland UK. Shipping to the Scottish highlands and Ireland presents a challenge as this type of service usually can’t be done overnight and we want to ensure the quality of the fruit upon receipt. This is something we are working on.
Are your fruits organic?
Many of the exotic fruits we sell are not sold internationally on large scale, therefore there isn’t yet the farming demand for farmers to justify organic practices, this is an expensive process. Where possible, we do source organic produce. It is a goal of ours to help develop the supply chain giving back to the communities that grow the fruit, supporting organic farming sits within this goal. Please see our international page.
Where do you source your fruits from?
Our fruits come from all around the world. The countries are listed below. The main regions our fruits come from are The product pages will detail where in the world each specific fruit will come from
Do you cater for parties?
Yes, we can feature at your party, please contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements
Can I buy Dream fruit in stores?
Not yet. But you can find us at some local pop up locations, and festivals. Please follow us on social media for dates.
Do you do platters?
If you require a platter or a specific fruit array, please get in touch with us via the form on the contact us page.
Are the fruits ethically sourced?
Dream fruit is committed to providing its customers with ethically sourced fruits, so we will never source fruits unethically. It is within our business plan to help build the communities that farm the fruits we sell.
Will the fruit arrive ripe?
Depending on what you order, some fruits will arrive ready to eat, others may need to ripen a little. You will receive a slip in your order which will let you know what is ripe and what will need to ripen more before consumption. Some of the fruits that arrive ready to eat include: berries, dragon fruits, passion fruits, kiwis arrive ready to eat.