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Hey, you recently let us know you’re up for doing a 3 day water fast! 


Great you're starting the year taking your health seriously. 


Here’s some information:


Main benefits of fasting


  • Fasting promotes autophagy, basically the recycling of old cells. This helps to prevent some serious illnesses (I won’t name them here as Instagram/Google will be watching 👀)


  • Detoxification, if you’ve been eating rich foods or refined sugars this holiday, let’s get rid of that for 2023.


  • Can help to lower blood pressure


  • Improves hormone effectiveness


Con’s tips


  • If it’s your first time, take extra care. You’re not receiving any fuel from food sources so you may feel more lethargic and weaker than usual. Fasting starts when your digestive system goes to sleep. Keep it sleeping during the fast. Don’t even chew gum!


  • Sleep well… your body will need the rest


  • Have a plan for your fasting period. Keeping yourself occupied will help you think about food less.


  • Avoid having excessively long hot showers, you may get light headed. 


  • Avoid strenuous or stressful activities.


  • It’s good practice to weigh yourself before and after. 


  • Drink lots of water. 2L - 3L is the average.


  • Be conscious of your self talk! In my experience, fasting helps with manifestation. If you’re trying to achieve something this year, use this fasting period to state your affirmations/prayers as much as possible. You’re intentionally committing to something, the fast is an act, and part of the process of you utilising will power and building your dream.


  • Don’t binge eat after, you’ll pay for it. I break my fast with fruit of course. A few small plates spread over a few hours. Your stomach will have contracted… ever heard the phrase ‘your eyes are too big for your belly’?


  • Using the toilet may be slightly more difficult after. You won’t have a reserve of fibre to help you to go. 


  • My hungriest period is usually at the end of the first day. It won’t get any worse than that normally.


  • the three day period will teach you a lot about yourself… believe me




  • One of the risks associated with fasting is dehydration. Keep a bottle of water you…. And drink it.
  • If you have gout, I wouldn’t advise fasting as it can raise uric acid levels
  • If you become concerned at any point, consult your doctor 


We are in this together!! DM us if you want to talk about anything. 


Once your fast is complete, if you could send us a video review of the period, we will offer you 15% off your next order + additional fruit!


Happy New Year, you’re definitely starting on the front foot.


- Connor Malcolm